How To Go 30 Days With NO Dessert

I love dessert chocolate, ice cream, cheesecake, cookies, and candy. I will frequently eat dessert after lunch and dinner, sometimes as a snack too. All this sweet eating does not help me become healthy. I know it, but I feel addicted to eating a dessert, preferably chocolate. As you can imagine, I am not meeting... Continue Reading →

Fad Diet vs Lifestyle Change

Lose 20 pounds in two weeks sounds like a dream come true. While probably possible, it is most likely unhealthy and not sustainable. The diet promising such extreme weight loss is called a fad diet. They usually involve extremely restrictive diets of only a certain type and amount of food. I have started many of... Continue Reading →

Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week One

In his book “The Obesity Code" Dr. Jason Fung Contends that insulin resistance makes people fat. His advice to lose weight consists of reducing insulin resistance. To lose the weight and keep it off he recommends a combination of eating right and intermittent fasting. Reasons for Dieting After two pregnancies, my weight has increased greatly.... Continue Reading →

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