52 Week Photo Challenge

With the ease of digital photography, anybody can become a great photographer. In fact, simple camera phones take really good pictures. Practice and consistent use of a camera make a great photographer more than the type of camera owned. Photo challenges help make the practice fun. The photo challenge gives you 52 subjective subjects to... Continue Reading →

Book Challenge for 2019

If one of your resolutions involves reading more, then try a book challenge. Challenges encourage reading many different books. You might even discover a new genre you love. I created a book challenge to encourage me to read a wide variety of books. I wanted to try new things. This challenge has 52 categories of... Continue Reading →

Sewing Challenge for 2019

Creativity can be very important for mental and emotional health. Deciding what projects to work on add to the difficulty. If making things, particularly sewing, is your way to show creativity, I have created a sewing challenge for you. Though typical sewing projects, I bet if you do not want to sew, you could also... Continue Reading →

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