Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week Two

Obesity Code Week Three

Following “The Obesity Code” requires a lot of patience and stubbornness. Not any easier than week one I find week two to be slightly harder. The first week has the motivation and excitement to see what happens fueling your diet. On week two the diet starts becoming more mundane. Week Two My hunger has grown […]

Following The Prophet


At the end of the women’s session of General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Russell M. Nelson spoke. President Nelson is the current prophet for the world, as such, I listen and follow his words. He invited the women of the Church to do four things. Invitation from the […]

Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week One

Obesity Code Week Three

In his book “The Obesity Code” Dr. Jason Fung Contends that insulin resistance makes people fat. His advice to lose weight consists of reducing insulin resistance. To lose the weight and keep it off he recommends a combination of eating right and intermittent fasting. Reasons for Dieting After two pregnancies, my weight has increased greatly. […]